In order for the escrow process to begin, Escrow Group will accept and hold the funds from the seller - which will, in turn ...

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At Escrow Group we provide first class, bespoke, escrow and collateral services to secure virtually any form of valuable ...

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How It Works

Our systems seamlessly match the two instructions and ensure the seller is in possession of the securities and, if against payment ...

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Welcome to Escrow Group

Escrow Group was founded in 2004 by a highly skilled group of lawyers, financial advisors and analysts. Between us we have accumulated years of experience in the escrow, legal and financial industry and acknowledged a rising demand for an independent Hong Kong based escrow service.

After more than a decade in the industry, we have gained an extensive network of intermediaries and professionals in addition to an international presence providing escrow services in a multitude of currencies including sterling, dollar and euro escrow accounts. All funds are held in an internationally recognised and independently rated banks thus ensuring financial safekeeping for all of the Escrow Group accounts.

We are committed to discretion and confidentiality within the limits of the law and unlike many escrow service providers we require all clients to sign our terms and conditions at the outset to ensure full protection.

International escrow agents are becoming an increasingly used tool to ensure that complex financial transactions are completed to the full satisfaction of buyer and seller; particularly cross-border transactions. Whether the deal is for the acquisition of a company, for a construction project or for a longer-term trading deal, Escrow Group will negotiate the terms of the escrow arrangement on your behalf and manage the account into which the funds are held until release.